NH Fuse Insertion Gloves are used to insert and remove NH fuse links according to DIN 43620 part 1 in the sizes 00, 0, 1, 2 and 3 for nominal voltages
up to 660 V AC and 440 V DC respectively.
NH-fuse-plug-on handles are not for the permanent use of the fuse-links used suitable.
NH fuse links may only be fitted with a plug-on handle by electro-technically instructed personnel Persons or electrical specialists in the sense of DIN 50110-1 / VDE 0105 part 1
or removed.
When inserting or removing the NH fuse links using the plug-on handle or with a fault arcing during the switching of larger currents.
The push-on handle therefore has a firmly mounted protective cuff. In such cases in addition, a protective Face Chield or protectiv goggles.