Tests according to VDE/ IEC 60900:2012 / EN 60900:2012

Insulated Tools VDE/IEC 60900:2012 are manufactured and tested according to the latest regulations National and International Standards of high quality Materials.
If additional security measures are observed, they provide maximum protection when working under Voltage up to AC 1000 V (alternating current) and DC 1500 V (direct current).

REACH regulation at ISOTOOLS

As part of our Commitment to Product Safety and Consumer Health fulfill ISOTOOLS products REACH - Requirements and withstand the PAK-Test.
What this exactly is, please read here:

PDF PAK-REACH-englisch.pdf

SpannungsprüfungDielectric strenght test

The dipped insulated tools are individually tested.
The marking double triangle means that the tools with AC 10,000 V were approved and therefore allowed are to work up to 1,000 V.
This 10-fold safety is ensured.

KälteschlagprüfungColdhit test

The toughness of the PVC material is checked by a weight is dropped onto the cooled tools with -25°C.
Under this condition the insulation must still absorb hits and impacts withaut breaking or splintering.

Prüfung der elektrischen IsoliereigenschaftenTest of the resistance of the insulation

After 24 hours of underwater storage the tools are - at simultaneous checking of leakage - tested with AC 10,000 V for three minutes.
During this time, neither a breakdown nor flashover shall occur

DruckprüfungPressure test

Under a pressure load of 20 Nm and a temperature of 70° C is no disruptive discharge allowed,
when tools tested with a voltage of AC 5,000 V.

HaftfähigkeitTest of adhesive power

The adhesion of the PVC coating checked for pliers after storage of 168 hours and 70 °C
with a tensile force of 500 Nm.
The insulating material must remain firmly bonded to the base tool.

FlammenwiderstandsfähigkeitFlame test resistance

The insulation material used is of a flame resistant plastic, which excludes any risk of fire.