1002_Helmlampe_Helmet Lamp

„Made in Germany“

  • Rubberized lateral pressure switch
  • on-off moment light
  • even with gloves easy to operate
  • nonconductive
  • waterproof to 3 m
  • dustproof
  • extremely bright robust xenon bulb in prefocused reflector
  • 38 lumens brightness
  • Ex-Protection Zone 1:II 2G Ex eib IIC T4 / II 2D Ex ibD 21 T98 ° C
  • neon yellow ABS case
  • pressure equalization valve
  • corrosion resistant

The best-selling, explosion-proof helmet light in the fire and rescue service. The proven and reliable product in the U.S. which offers high quality and enormous intensity with low weight. The UK 4AA light is recommended as a helmet lamp for hands free use of the leading helmet manufacturers as an official accessory and is successful at fire departments, industry, trade, police and military in action.

Helmet mounts for all current fire and safety helmets available. For many years, proven in tens of thousands worldwide. The standard type with excellent gas explosion-proof and dust explosion protection. We supply the lamps with brand alkaline batteries.

Dimension / mmweight / gNorm
160 x 45 x 35 156 EC Type E